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Our services

We offer assistance in many areas, including procurement, inspection, merchandising and shipping.


We provide support through each stage, including:

1.Production and servicing.
2.Sample development: sample design, different types of fabric sourcing, trial, inspection and test.
3.Order execution: from sample development to price negotiation, production and delivery to the
   buyer’s door.
4.Fabric lab testing: through accredited test agencies, at competitive rates.
5.Inspection (see details in the next page).
6.Dispatch & shipping support: to the extent you require.

Inspection services

Adequate inspection and test builds confidence in the goods supplied, and contributes to increased sales because each shipment is trouble free. Our inspection services ensure the producer utilizes the specified fabrics, yarns and accessories at the point of production and that finished garments meet the specification before we are packed and shipped. In all cases, shipment is conditional on verification of compliance with requirements.

Our inspection services include:

PPI – Pre Production Inspection

PPI covers size set, and measurements, workmanship, accessories, style, color and appearance are also taken into account.

IPI – Initial Production Inspection

This inspection involves the examination of the first 20 to 40 pieces from the first production run. Each garment is inspected against all or almost all contractual specifications. It includes such items as measurement, accessories, workmanship, style, color and appearance and fabric quality.

MPI – MID Production Inspection

Depending on order size, this inspection takes place after 25-50% of the goods have been produced. It covers all colors and sizes and verifies that discrepancies detected in earlier inspections have been fully resolved.

FRI - Final Inspection

Final inspection takes place after production and packing and before delivery. We utilize random inspection plans that cover all buyer requirements, or as agreed with each customer.


Our merchandisers have the experience and to assist your people in many ways, including:

- Market information and new developments
- Sales samples according to the buyer requirement
- Communicating buyer requirements
- Effective costing and price negotiation
- Communication with buyers on a daily basis
- Counter checking - Online checking on product quality


Our shipping department ensures the proper procedures are followed regarding statutory documentation, Letters of Credit, and communication with shipping lines and airlines.

Services include:

- Checking documents for accuracy and completeness

- Co-ordinating the production schedule and delivery to importers

- Co-ordinating shipping requirements

- Tracking shipments during transit

- Reducing documentation delays

We are a growing business:

Our export performance has enabled us to further consolidate our position in the international export market. We are working in close association with design experts in both Europe and Australia to enable us to offer cutting-edge designs in knitwear.

We are focused on end-to-end quality

Our goal is to operate all aspects of our business in accordance with internationally recognized quality Standards. We do this to ensure customer acceptance and satisfaction with our designs and product range .

The ability of a factory to produce your product with consistent quality and at a competitive price is of our prime importance. Please find our factory profile for your kind reference in separate attachment.

We know that the best way to achieve results and maximize benefits for all parties is to work in a
Partnership approach with our vendors and addresses each issue in turn, such as:

- Sample review and approval

- Inspection of facilities and equipment

- Pre-production meetings to identify and pre-empt problems

- Analysis of plant quality data and correlation to buyer’s audits

- Monitoring independent laboratory test results and comparison to local test data

- Maintenance of accurate product and production records

The next step

We trust we have conveyed a clear indication of our capabilities and approach. We look forward to
Hearing from you the next time you have a requirement for services such as ours.
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